We are back!!

Firstly, we just wanted to say sorry for me being quiet on the blog front for a while and also our site being down for a couple months. We took the site down for maintenance, however it took long then we aimed for. this was because of a mixture of things. Summer holidays, Hospital check ups, days out, and of course we are working hard at creating new products and designing our clothing line. So i think its time to catch you up on everything.

So we have started to launch our products we have a selection of items available for sale. You can purchase our Allergy alert key rings, medical alert key rings, if lost. allergy & medical alert temporary tattoos and out Keep staring i might do a trick ladies rolled shoulders tee.

(If you would like to take a look or you would like to purchase them please check out our 'Ebay shop' page for details. you can access this by clicking the button on our home page.)

So far we have done really well. I have been over whelmed with the response we got to our products. Of course like all we companies we had a few teething issues, and i expect as the company grows we will most probably experience more. All we ask is that you bare with us.

So we are now looking at launching some more of our clothing range shortly. We are planning on launching 2 children's t-shirts, 2 men's t-shirts, 1-2 ladies t-shirts, 1 hoodie, 1 shorts, and 1 PJ set. it may take a couple weeks to get these out but please know we are working hard behind the scenes. We have over 35 t-shirt designs that will be coming out over the next 6-12 months.

So, we have announced on our Instagram that we got offered a place at the school for social enterprise, Hampshire & IOW division. With this we have been offered a £1000 grant, with the chance to get access to more funds. I am so happy that i have been given this experience. I officially start the school on September 19th.

That's enough about the business for now. lets give you an update on the Mihell's.

So like i have posted before my boy Alex, has been having issues. He has cows milk protein allergy and wheat intolerance. He also has double lazy eye too. He did have hearing loss, which meant he has a speech delay. Well on July 8th he had his surgery and it was a successes! he can hear!! You see these videos of babies and children, who are deaf hearing for the first time and you see their little faces light up. Well two days after his op, we had a hearing review. We were told that if the surgery hasn't worked, or if his hearing loss is due to another issue he would be fitted for hearing aids that day. I was so so nervous going into that appointment. We went into the testing room, and they showed Alex what to do. every time he herd a sound he had to move a toy. and he passed 100%. HE HAS FULL HEARING!! his little face lite up when he heard the new sounds. i felt tears start to form in my eyes. well until, Alex started moving toys but i couldn't hear the sounds. i asked why he was moving them with no sound and well it turns out they were playing sounds but i couldn't hear them. So we left the appointment knowing Alex has 100% hearing, and that i need to book a hearing test.

Over the weeks after his op, we were told that his speech should pick up. We have been practicing his words every day. You can see he is trying really hard, but he still seems behind. Still struggles, and also keeps speaking a complete alien language. We have a few appointments coming up which i hopefully will help. As not only does have the speech delay, sight issues and allergy's he also has serve reflux issues, and his medical team are looking at starting assessments for the following, Autism spectrum disorder they think Aspergers. he is also starting tests for ADHD too. (I say Medical team because its the easiest way to. he is currently under around 7/8 different departments. and we are awaiting to find out if we are adding two more departments into the mix.) We have also pretty much nailed potty training over the summer. To our surprise it was Alex that asked too. One day he took his nappy of and went for a wee on the potty, from then he didn't wear nappy during the day. We are so so proud of him.

He returns back to pre-school Monday 2nd. As much as i have loved having the children at home over the summer, i have loved lazy days on the sofa when i wasn't feeling well and i loved exploring on days out too. But where Alex is so demanding, I am looking forward to returning back to routine. Not only does he return to school Monday, We also have a health visitor review Thursday and start Portage on Friday.

We are meeting with our Health visitor, Sarah on Thursday. We are going to be renewing Alex's ASQ. And also making the decision on Speech and language therapy.

That's enough about Alex, Let me catch you up on health. So previously i wrote about my health. So over the past 4 years i have gone from a fairly normal 21 year old mum of one. Now i am a married mum of 2, with complex health issues. I was diagnosed with Avascular necrosis in my right hip, as well as Functional neurological disorder and fibromyalgia. then this year, i have found out i have an issue with my heart called Autoimmune variable heart rate, which means my heart rate speeds up and lows down all on its own. i Can be sat watching TV and my heart can race up to 190 BPM, and then dip as low at 40 BPM. I have been told how to manage it. I have also been diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome type H. A couple years ago we went though tests for this with Rebecca, luckily she didn't have it.

But to top it all of, I am now awaiting tests for diplegic cerebral palsy. I will under tests for it at St Georges hospital in London. I just hope that my medication doesn't increase. I am going to request that i come off some of the tablets and switch it too a patch. I am fed up on taking tablets

But that's enough about that,

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Thank you for reading. Until next time.

Abbie Mihell xoxo

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