Washing Machines, Fines and CEO days!

Well, Well, Well! What a crazy week. Firstly, my plan, well my goal for 2020 was to try and improve my blog. I was aiming to do a blog a week. So I write it as the days go on Monday though to Sunday, then I would have a couple days just in case I was running behind, to give myself time to proof read, edit etc…. then post by mid-week the following week. So for example the week Monday 10th – Sunday 16th February, I would write during that week and then post by Wednesday 19th / Thursday 20th February. So Far this is going to plan. So here is my latest blog! Enjoy!

Monday was just another manic Monday. Drop kids off at school and pre-school, come home sort shopping bags, double check shopping list etc… then off we go!

When we get home from food shopping, get in put shopping away then sit down for an hour or so before picking kids up from school, doing dinner, house work etc… anyways that Monday!

Tuesday, I had my 6th study day on my course, business school. What do you call it? I feel like I am way too old to be calling it school. But it isn’t a course. To me a course is maximum of say 12 weeks. Whereas this is more like a school, well technically it is. Its called Action Hampshire School for Social Entrepreneurs. Lets just says class. I’m happy with that.

So today was a very full on, intense and hectic day. Like normal when I have these classes. Majority of the classes are in Winchester, so if I feel okay I travel via train.

(Obviously, if I don’t feel strong enough, slightly unwell, in pain etc…

I simply have to call in sick for the whole day or just go in

later and Sam takes me in once kids are dropped off at school.

Then Sam will pick me up once I am finished. Even if

I feel okay in the morning and I travel by train if I start to

feel really tired, shaky, in pain whatever if I don’t feel right

in any way Sam will come and pick me up as its not

worth the risk of me falling, my legs giving out, me

having a seizure or anything while I am alone travelling

on a train. The school are fantastic as they understand

I am disabled, I have complex health issues, that I am

a mum of 2 children, one of whom has issues of his

own, as well as the fact that I have to make our medical appointments priority as

I have to travel for my Ehlers Danlos and Functional Neurological disorder.)

On those days that I do travel via train, I usually have to leave between 7:30 and 8am depending on what train I am getting. Some days I get the 7:44am train, meaning I need to leave no later then 7:30am but I aim to leave about 7:20am, even though I live a 5 minuets walk from the station (according to google maps) I cant walk at the same pace of an ‘average’ person, it usually takes me around double – triple the amount of time of a ‘normal’ person, if not longer.

Then other days I get the 8:13am train, so I leave between 7:50-8am.

So anyway, I am straying off topic and getting into facts and what not and not telling you about my actual day.

So on Tuesday, due to potential delays I got the 7:44am train. So I was up at 6:15am. Lucky I think ahead on my away days and get everything ready the night before. Lay my clothes out, make my lunch, make my juice, pack my bag, have a shower, blow dry and straighten my hair etc… all the night before. So I get up get dressed, get myself ready, then just a case of putting my lunch and that in my bag. Shoes, coat and that on then I was out the house at 7:25am. Anyway, fast forward, I get to the venue where we are based at for the day. Where I got an earlier train I got to the venue by quarter to nine. So I dropped off some of my stuff and popped to the shops to pick up a few things I needed. Like always when I visit a shop I planned to pick up a pack of chomps (my fav!), hair clips and some ibuprofen which should have cost me £3. But oops! I spent nearly £10! Whoopsie !!

So todays day was all about funding. We had a couple of guest speakers come in. Kirsty Rowlinson from Action Hampshire was our first speaker. Kirsty came in to talk to us about Sustainable funding mix. I wont go in to what we learnt today as to be honest there are parts I don’t fully understand myself, and also I don’t think it would be fair for me to hand off the information we learnt when the people who run our classes, the speakers and everyone behind the scenes have worked so hard in presenting the information to myself and my fellow students.

Anyways, so we spent the morning with Kirsty.

Then the afternoon we had something called a funding panel. This is where you have a few different people who present you with different information on different types of funding.

So in the funding panel we had Grant Cornwall CEO from Hampshire & Isle of wight community foundation (HIWCF), Jenny Sensom, Program manager at Power to Change, Nathan Brown whos a social enterprise advisor & trainer from Co-operative enterprise and Fiona Ollerhead who’s a SSE fellow. Fiona is also part of the wonderful and amazing team that runs the program. We were also meant to meet with Matt York from National lottery community fund, however he wasn’t able to attend. This panel was a brilliant experience, it was extremely insightful and eye opening. It has really helped me with looking at different funding avenues that are available.

The whole day was just so full of information, it was like an information overload but in a good way. by the time I have got home my head was spinning with information and ideas. But hey that is what you get when you enter the world of business!

Well, that’s enough of Tuesday.

Wednesday was a crazy day too. I had my first meeting with business mentor Warren, in Chichester. So I had already booked my return train ticket. Thanks to my rail card it was £5.80 return ticket, so anyway I travel to Chichester. We have out meeting. Again fantastic meeting, my head bursting with ideas, information and suggestions on where to take the business next. Anyway, meeting ends and I head back to the station. Any way coming up the station and I drop something out of my pocket. A bit of paper, a receipt, I think. I don’t think anything of it and walk away. Yes, I know this is wrong! I shouldn’t have walked away. However, at the same time I was running late for my train, my legs were getting really tired, I was in a place I didn’t know and not sure where I was going. So yeah, I cross the road and I get stopped by a man. At first, I thought he wanted direction (not that I would be able to give him any. But hey I’m polite.), he then shows me his ID and explains he is working on behalf of Chichester council. I am a little confused about what’s going on right now, and starting to panic about my train. But okay, what’s going. He then goes on to explain he saw me drop something and that I didn’t pick it up. I instantly apologies and offer to go find it and dispose of it in the bin. But no, he tells me that, as he’s seen me drop it and walk away I am getting a fine. Yes a fine! My first ever fine! But I accept it. I was in the wrong. It was my mistake. I did the ‘crime’ and I now have to pay the fine. Then wham! I hear the fine amount. £75.00!! yes you read that right, you don’t need to adjust the screen or your glasses it was £75.00. And it was only £75.00 if I pay it in the first 14 days, then it goes up to £100.00.

Sam has had a driving fine less then this. He got caught once (years ago) going down a bus lane (in his defence it had only been changed to a bus lane a couple weeks prior to the fine.) that was I think £30 if paid in first 14 days then £60.00. Anyways, I know I did wrong I get that. However there is a part of me that thinks that this fine is extremely high. I personally think it should be £75.00 but if paid in first 14 days, it should be say £40.00

(PLEASE, note this is my opinion)

But hey, what can I do. So I finally finish with this fine man, and head into the train station. Go to get my ticket out. But on no! I cant find it. I am adamant it was in my purse. But no, I can’t find it. SHIT!!This day is going from bad to worse. Anyway,

I bought my train tickets via the trainline app. So you can view my ticket on the app. You can see it’s a return trip from Chichester to my local station. But where I have printed my tickets off and now misplaced the return part they refuse to accept it. forcing me to pay out for another ticket. So off I go to the ticket office to purchase a single ticket with rail card. Bearing in mind I paid £5.80 for a return. I expected no more then £4/£4.50 but no. its £5.60. 20p cheaper then a return. Christ almighty this meeting is costing so much money. Let’s take a moment and list it all and add up the cost of this meeting.

Return train ticket purchased online - £5.80

Drink while at meeting - £2.50

Littering fine - £75.00

Single train ticket home - £5.60

This trip including return ticket and drink should of cost me max of £10.00. but it has ended up costing me £88.90! nearly £90!!

So yeah by the time I got home I wasn’t In the best of moods. I just wanted the day to end. I wanted to curl up in bed and go to sleep. Fed up was an understatement.

That’s enough of the gloom and doom of my extremely bad day!

Thursday was my CEO day. This was something that was suggested to me while on attending my classes by one of our speakers last month. We were told that once a week, once a month its up to us to take time out to step away from the business. So once a month I go off and get my nails done, get my hair cut just take time for me. On Thursday I went to my old nail tech Lucy at LV Beauty. I went to school with lucy and have know her for years. She also did my nails for my wedding, she is a wonderful lady and a outstanding nail tech. we had a goo catch up, gossip and chat about walking with wheels, about her business LV Beauty, my kids, my health, her and her partner, people we went to school with. You name it we were just chatting. Once I was all finished I was so happy and pleased!! Booked in again for next months for my next set of nails done.

So Friday is valentines day. Sam and I haven’t really done this for a couple years, as Sam has always said he’s not into it and he’s not into it. the first couple years of our relationship we did it. but we have been together now for nearly 9 years, married for almost 4 years. Every other year I have at least got Sam a card and a little something. No more then a fiver. I spoke to Sam a few weeks back and asked if he were doing it, and it was agreed/said not too. So I didn’t, anyways valentines comes around. Nothing exchanged from either. I’m happy with it as we both done the same thing. Anyways Sam then has to pop out to pick something up from the shop. He comes back with these beautiful pink roses. I am so shocked. I now feel guilty, for not getting him anything. But hey!!

The weekend is here! But for anyone who runs a business from home will know, the weekend doesn’t always mean no work. If your anything like me I work most days until late hours.

I take time out during the day to spend time with the kids and Sam, but if we are just sat around watching tv I will sit on my laptop and work. I will be working away on my laptop and next thing I know its like 10:30/11pm. But this weekend is the start of half term. Saturday like every Saturday Sam is at the gym for a couple of hours so me and the kids chill out and watching tv, films and they play on the tablets. Plus also the weather was pants with the storm on its way. so Saturday we just chill at home. The past couple days our washing machine has been playing up. It was only around 3 years old and only a 6kg machine. I don’t think it could keep up with our demands so to say. So we needed to start looking for a new machine. Luckily a family member was able to help us out and lend us the money to get a new machine. So off we went to our local curry’s to get a new one. However they didn’t have any in stock, so we ended up having to travel to a different store but finally got brand new 10kg machine. I didn’t know I could feel so happy about doing washing.

So that’s it for this week. Hope you enjoyed reading about my crazy week !! Until next time. x


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