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Updated: Apr 5, 2019

firstly, thank you for checking us out. Here I will explain more about me!

I am going to be talkinh about Walking With Wheels, and how the business grows and changes. I will also be sharing a lot of other parts of my life as a mama with you all. I will be diving head first into the shit storm which is the world. I will be telling you all about the antics that my children get up too, as well as how I deal with the shit show I call a body. I have also teamed with as a guest blogger. So majority of the post I will be posting on their I will be also posting them on here. But please feel free to head over to the site to have a look on their. Below I have put the first blog I did on mum-club And it will also give you some more information on my life And how I got to where I am now.

So, I have been asked to share my story with you wonderful people. Firstly, I will start with telling you a little bit about me. My name is Abbie. I am a 24 year old mama of two little terrors. I met my now husband in June 2011, we got together in the July and have been together ever since. We have been though so much together. From a fights with my crazy mother in law, dealing with having kids, my body falling apart and more. In July 2017 I set up a group on Facebook called Money Saving Mumma UK. This group is all about couponing, money saving and deals. We have now expanded it to Instagram, twitter, YouTube and a website. I have currently taken a step back from Money Saving Mumma Uk to develop walking with wheels, but don’t fear coupon lovers I will be back once walking with wheels is up and rolling.

so I met sam in 2011, it was amaizing we had so much fun. Staying up late talking, visiting theme parks and More. Sam and I were together for 9 months before we discovered that we were expecting. We had just booked our first holiday together, and we found out about 3 weeks before that we were pregnant. I remember it like it was yesterday. It was okay until the day that Sam told his parents that I was pregnant. I was only 17 and Sam had just turned 20. We were both young. His mum reacted the worst to the news. She didn’t really like me to begin with him, but now I was pregnant it was worse then ever before. Over the month’s things started to get better. I had a difficult pregnancy with Rebecca. I went into early labour at just 21 weeks which thankfully they managed to stop. I then went into slow labour at 33/34 weeks. My cervix would dilate to just under 4cm then it would close tight again. This went on for 4 and a half weeks. Then on 22nd December 2012 my mum took me to the local birth centre as things were getting more intense. They monitored the heart beat and contractions and decided I needed to be checked at the princess Anne women’s hospital in Southampton. My mum took me over and Sam stayed with my step dad. When we arrived at the hospital, I was told that they would induce me and get my waters popped as soon as they could. I went into a labour room and we called Sam to tell him to come to the hospital and bring mine and babies hospital bag. After what felt like forever Rebecca was born. While I was pregnant everyone told me that the pain of labour goes once you hold your baby in your arms, but no one tells you about when they are seconds old and what they look like. I love her but she looks like an alien coved in goop. As soon as Rebecca was born the midwives laid her on to my bare chest. Don’t get me wrong I loved her, more then I ever knew I could love someone. However, she was still covered In blood and all the gunk. I loved her, but all I could think of was Eww. I remember when she was first born before she was laid onto me, I said the normal mum thing of ‘is she okay?’ then once she was laid on to me the first thing I said then was ‘Eww, can you get her off now?’ not because I didn’t love her, it was just because being just 18 years old I didn’t know how to deal with the gunk. I didn’t know that was what I had to expect.I stayed in over night for that first night, so mine and Sam’s first night at home with was Christmas eve. Christmas that year didn’t feel like Christmas at all. It was all strange and new. At the time I lived in a flat with just me and Rebecca. Sam came over as much as he could. In June 2014 Sam and I moved in together. A couple months after Rebecca was born, I started to get pain in my right hip and leg. Doctors didn’t really do much to investigate, but they just gave me pain meds. Over the next couple year’s it started to get worse. It was finally investigated. I had a small labarum tear in the cartilage of my right hip joint. Things just went from bad to worse with my hip. Sam, Rebecca and I moved into a three-bed house in the village I grew up in. April 2015 Sam dropped to one knee in the yard that my dad started his business in and asked me to become Mrs Mihell. Of course I agreed. We started planning the wedding a couple weeks later. We were planning on having our wedding exactly 2 year later in 2017. However, we found that by having the wedding in 2016 it was going to be a lot cheaper. So we started booking things. We had been planning and trying for a baby, but decide to put things on hold until our honeymoon. However one crazy night in January we got a bit carried away. We tried to get the morning after pill however we couldn’t get it anywhere. So we agreed what would happen, would happen. Low and behold I missed a period. We found out we were pregnant in February 2016. We worked out I would be around 12 weeks pregnant on our wedding day. So we booked a private scan for the day before our wedding. Our wedding went by like a bit of a blur, seemed like the day was the quickest day of my life. We announced we were pregnant to all of our friends and family. Everyone was so happy for us. Over the next few months, I had to handle a lot. I became very poorly with sickness, but my legs also started to get worse and worse. I was in and out of hospital. I started having issues with headaches, blurred head aches etc… which landed me in to hospital for days as they thought I may have had a blood clot of my brain. It was horrid waiting to go for a scan. But finally, I got the all clear. It turned out I was just one of those rare people who sadly suffer with more then one form of migraines. I have hemiplegic and optical migraines. As the weeks past I started to lose more of my mobility. I went onto maternity leave in august 2016. Over the weeks I became wheelchair bound outside the house and on crutches inside. I was diagnose with SPD, sciatica as well as dealing with the tear that was already on my hip. We met with my maternity consultant who also had discussions with my orthopaedic consultant. They agreed it would be in my best interest to induce me. They originally planned on waiting until I was between 38 and 39 weeks however, due to how bad I was with my legs they agreed to get me in as soon as possible. I was 37 weeks at this point, so it was consider safe. We were told to expect a phone call on the Wednesday after 9am to go in. So we told my parents what was going on, but no one else. We kept it quiet so we didn’t have to deal with the barrage of calls and texts asking if the baby was here yet. So we got our bags packed ready and went for a early night on the Tuesday. On the Wednesday we were laid in bed and at just gone 7am I got a call from the maternity unit asking me to go in as soon as I could. So I called my dad and woke him up as he was having Rebecca while we were in hospital. So, we dropped her off and headed to the hospital. after 1 pessary and A LOT of walking (well half waddling and half leaning on Sam, mum, the wall or sitting in my wheelchair) it was finally time to head into labour ward so my mum left. I had my waters broke. It was horrid. Not only was I dealing with the pain of labour, my hip was also in agony. Then he was born. Our beautiful little boy Alexander. With him, the first thing I said was why isn’t he crying. It felt like the longest 90 seconds of my life. He wasn’t berthing. He was cold. Then hearing that cry, I felt a sign of relief wash over me. They wiped him down and then laid him on my chest. At least this time I didn’t have a baby laid on me that was covered in gunk. However, he was still too cold. So Sam got him dressed as I was still laid with my legs in stirrups unable to move. He was then placed onto a heat blanket and under heat lamps. Slowly but surely his temp came up. After over an hour and a half of being stuck on the bed the midwife came in to stich me up. That was when they realised how bad things were. I was extremely lucky. I was a millimetre away from the tear ripping though my artery. Just 7 hours after giving birth we were sent home. when I came back in for my 5 day check we then found out that the midwife that was in charge of my care, faked information on the paper work. Stating that I was told and shown everything that is needed before being signed off. Its turns out that I shouldn’t have been sent home, not only because of Alex being poorly but also due my tear and my hips. At the check they took Alex’s blood as he was showing extremely mild sign of jaundice. I then got a call that evening telling me that Alex needed to go in urgently. As he was actually extremely jaundice. He was lucky as he was a smidge under the line needing a blood transfusion. But it did mean he had to have 2 days of light treatment. While we were in their they checked my stitches down their after they had set him up, and it turned out I had a major infection. But that’s where it becomes difficult. Because I am allergic to most antibiotics. But hey, after a couple days we were both fine and able to go home. The next couple months were great apart form being extremely sleep deprived. It was good. we were a prefect little family of four. They hoped that my hip would get better, which it did at first. Then around Christmas things started getting bad. In January, a walk that would normally take 5 minutes would take me between 45 minuets to an hour. It was hell. Sam then spent his birthday money on getting me a mobility scooter. It helped. It meant I was able to get out the house on my own. When I went to the doctors over and over again, no one believed me. Just told me that it was normal blah blah blah. Then in the May I had an accident and ended up in A&E. after spending 3 hours on a bed in the corridor I was finally taking to x-ray. I had it reviewed by a doctor who said that my hip was fine no issues and sent me home. However my x-ray was then reviewed by my orthopaedic doctor, and it was discovered that I have something called avascular necrosis and I had no hip joint. It had collapsed on its self. So, it was agreed that I would have a total hip placement. It was arranged for the August. It felt like the days and weeks went so slowly waiting for the operation. In that time, I wasn’t great and had more and more days where my whole body was in agony. I thought that it was just my hip, but it turned out I had something called fibromyalgia. So, they changed up my medication to try and help. Once I had it done it was so much better. I set my first goal of walking Rebecca to school on her first day. I did it. It felt amazing. The next couple months my hip felt better. but I then started to get new symptoms. I didn’t know what was going on. My vision was getting worse. Every three months I would have to get new glasses. I started to have seizures. In January 2018, I was sent to see a neurologist urgently. I had MRI and tests done to see if I had MS. But it turns out I have something called Function Neurological disorder which is very similar to MS. Sam is currently off work as he has become my full-time carer as there are days when I can barely lift my legs, or move out of bed. I have now developed a labarum tear in my left hip like I had in my right. I have currently awaiting surgery to fix it and we hope and pray that it doesn’t turn into avascular necrosis. Sam and I travel to St George’s hospital every couple month’s to see the best doctors for my FND. I am also currently awaiting to be tested for Ehlers Danlos syndrome. Fingers crossed. If you want to catch up on me check out Money Saving Mumma UK on Facebook, Instagram, twitter or YouTube. Thanks for Reading. Until next time. Abbie – The Disabled Mama of two!! xx


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