Pre-school and face cream!

So this week has been a very eventful one indeed. Monday our little Squish, had his first day of nursery. Like most parents it’s a bit of a emotional day. even more so when, you arrive at the nursery door and as soon as you step foot over that threshold and your child simply just runs off. Coat still on, lunch box still firmly secured in their little hands. That is what our little squish did. Not even a second thought, for his poor emotional parents (well, more so of a emotional mama). So we finish up the paper work for his medication and head to say bye to the run away. So Sam picks up our Squish for a kiss and cuddle and Squish begins to cry. Not because we (his loving parents who he has been with everyday from the day he was born.) were leaving, but because he thought that we were making him leave nursery. He was instantly happy and settled. Which as much as It breaks my heart for my boy to grow up, it makes it a lot easier that he isn’t screaming and crying that we are leaving. So seeing as our little squish is now in nursery 2 and a half days a week, and our Bugs is in full time school. Sam and I decided to try the whole day dating. As a lot of parents will know, going out for dinner, to the pub or bar, or even going to the cinema in the evening so we thought we would take advantage of being child free and have a day date. For Christmas we were given gift vouchers for two different cinemas as well as for meals out. We decided to go to Odeon to see the new transformers film Bumblebee. I have to admit the film was really good. Both Sam and I agreed it would have been better being the first film to come out In the transform set as it made a lot of things click into place regarding the whole transforms coming to earth. But hey, we aren’t film makers. Any ways, it was the first time we had been to the cinema in a while. Seeing as it was a day date, the cinema wasn’t too busy. I do feel like we were taken for a ride a little regarding the price of food and drinks. But at the same time Odeon have lowered their prices for tickets. As a disabled Mama, I have to say even with us paying the extra for premier seats and taking the cushion from my wheel chair it was still so uncomfortable for me. I know and appreciate that cinemas do put spaces in for wheelchairs users, but if your like me and can move around a small amount and don’t need the wheelchair 100% of the time it’s nice to get out of your chair from time to time, as they arent exactly the most comfortable of seats. But the seats at cinemas are horrid. I wasn’t comfy at all, I left the cinema in so much pain, desperate for pain relief. But hey, lesson learnt. We probably wont be returning any time soon. If you follow me on insta or twitter you will have seen that this week i have also been on the hunt for a good face cream. I am sure I am not the only mama out their, that’s skin has gone to absolute shite since having our tiny humans. Especially in the winter time, my skin is horrid. I have found a great hand cream. But always struggled with face cream. So I have tried a couple this week. To name a few without boring you all to sleep. I first tried Aldi Lacura Q10 day cream. My first impression was okay, the box looks a bit high end but on a cheap scale. Then I opened it, the tub I thought looked a bit cheap. But the cream looked great, but left my skin feeling sticky and not hydrated at all. (Do note that everyone’s skin is different, What doesn’t work for me might be the only thing that works for you.) The next thing I tried was the Poundland #6 day and night cream. The outer packing looks great, again high-end look on a cheap budget. The pot looks cheap, but i always say don’t judge a book by its cover. The cream for me was amazing. My skin felt soft and looked and felt like it was hydrating after just a couple uses. So my hunt has now come to a end, I will be stocking up on the Poundland #6! So that’s me, for this week. Remember if you want to catch up on my money saving life as well as other things check out Money Saving Mumma UK on Facebook, Instagram, twitter, YouTube and the website ( Thanks for reading. Until next time. Abbie – The Disabled Married Mama of two! #disbaledmama #daydates #preschool #facecream #moneysavingmummuk #msmsukblog #disabledmamaoftwo #disabledwifey


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