So, last week Sam and I ventured on our first business trip last week. It was a scary, daunting yet amazing and exciting! We went to expo up at Brimingham NEC to a show called NAIDEX. It was a show tailored to people with disabilities. It was great, I tried some new chairs and spoke with a lot of people. I even got chair envy. We spoke to a lot of people. Created some great business relationships and discussed advertising with magazines and publications that we could work with to really get our name out their.

When it came to leave we headed to our hotel. Well technically it was our second hotel. The first one I booked, we cancelled as it turned out to be a shed! Literally it was a wooden shed with a bed, no toilet or anything. Thentoilet was in a outhouse. So thankfually we noticed and changed. The hotel we stayed at in the end was brilliant. From the outside it looked like it could be someones house or a dentist, but when you step though the doors it was lovley. Their was a TGIs just over the road, so we headed their for dinner. We had a quiet dinner without our Tiny humans.

the following day we headed Back to the NEC and finished meeting the people we wanted to chat with. Then headed home.

MRIs. So the Week before, I met with a new doctor. A spinal specialist. He arranged for me to have an MRI of my Spine as they want to confirm i don’t have a disc compressing a nerve in my back. also at this appointment he noticed something. He also wants the MRI to find out if I have undiagnosed/missed dignosed diplgic cerebral palsy. So I had my scan the day before we went to Birmingham. I have my appointment to get my results on April 16th. So not ages away but still far enough to give me anxiety.

So that’s about it from me for the moment. Remember to join our mailing list to be kept up to date with Walking With Wheels, check out Money Saving Mumma UK Instagram page, aswell as Walking With Hwrels on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. Until next time.

The disabled mama of two! xx


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