Long time no blog - 2019 chapter

So it’s been a while since we blogged last. we have been busy with a lot of behind the scenes work for the businsss, I was very poorly a couple weeks before Christmas then, our Bee turned 7. Next it was Christmas and new year and then the last couple weeks have been mad with appointments and of course getting new products in for you wonderful people.

I mentioned I was poorly, so here’s what’s happened and what has happened in our life’s sinces.

Last November I was travelling back from Winchester and the train was crazy so had to stand. As the train pulled into a station I lost my balance and fell. Luckly 2 wonderful strangers helped me. One grabbed my arms and the other grabbed my backpack (it was on my back). But I pulled/damaged the muscles around my knee. So the next few weeks after I rested the knee, Iced it like normal. Then the beginning of December When I would expected the pain and swelling to start to subside just became worse. It was huge! I was in agony, then i suddenly developed pain around my rib cage and lung. Made an emergency appointment for the doctors, as soon as I told them and they saw it they looked worried. I was sent to Queen Alexandra Hosptail. It was feared that I had a blood clot on my knee that had traveled up to my lung. So spent the night in hospital having scans and tests. Luckly all came back clear for blood clot, but I did have large amount of fluid in the knee. I was discharged with a plan of going back to have ultra sound on my knee and having the fluid drained. This was supposed to happens before Christmas but I am still waiting. When I called the people who were due to sort it they knew nothing! So GP is now arranging it all.

Once all that drama happened it swiftly came closer to Bee’s birthday. The weekend before her birthday we made the stupid mistake of letting her have a sleepover not with 1 or 2 friends but 3! So 4 6/7 years olds in my house. Their was screams, giggles and happy memories. Then came bed time. That was when Sam and I reliesed we made a mistake of having a total of 4 6/7 year olds. After MANY talking too’s, 10 toilet trips, 7 I'm thirsty, 2 drinks spilt, 1 hysterical crying they finally went to sleep!


the morning came, we had pink unicorn banana pancakes, crumpets, cereal and toaat. We were so happy at 11am when they went home. Don't get me wrong these are good, kind and caring girls. But when you take 4 girls + sugar = hyperness!

Putting that behind us, on the 23rd our little 6lbs 7oz baby girl turned 7! (SHIT! I HAVE BEEN A MUMMY, NURSE, HOUSE KEEPER, DIARY, CLEANER, COOK FOR 7 FUCKING YEARS 😂😂😂)

we had a wonderful day. Started early with present opening, we got her a brand new Moutain bike. She was so happy. That was swiftly followed by weekly food shop. We took Bee the cake section to let her pick a cake. Their was lots to choose from. Rainbows, unicorns, princess, you know. But she finds the free from caterpillar cake and asks for it. We say are you sure and her response was so perfect I cries! ’I want this one mummy, because I know Alex can't have a lot of these and I don t want him to be left out!’ we told that no matter what one she got we would get alex some free from cup cakes, but no she didn't want him to have something different. We really have raised her right! (#parentingwin).

We then had an ENT appointment for Alex.

We found out they think he has suspected sleep apnea. He needs a new nasal asprator machine to help him breath easier. But on a good note no allergies to Things like dust mites, pets or pollen.

Once we finished their we asked our Birthday girl what she wanted for lunch and of course her choice was Macdonalds. So we meet Sams brother billy their for a birthday lunch. We had offered Bee a variety of activities from bowling, cinema, swimming and ice skating. And the choose ice skating. Sam use to skate a lot before we meet, he when played ice hockey. So he had his own skates and so did billy, so that saved us some money. We hired both kids skates, and a penguin for Alex.

I didn't get on the ice because let's be honest I don't want to end her birthday being taken off on an ambulance 🚑 so I watched from the side lines. As expected Alex lasted the whole of 2 minutes. So me and him chilled out in the car watching blaze.

Bee loved it ❄️⛸

We spent the evening surrounded by family, bee was spoilt rotten of course. So here comes the cakes, and time for a parenting prank. We had a pack of those magic candles, the ones that keep re lighting! So we all sing, she blows and then they re light. She tries a few times then her cousins join in, after about 5 minutes of all the kids huffing and puffing they give in. So cakes is being cut, I ask bee if she wants some. She says no, and that she had a tummy ache. She then curls up on my lap, next thing I know my hands are cupped and filled with sick. I am now screaming GET ME A BOWL!! everyone is running to help, we mange to make it to the toilet and their she goes again. Between being sick saying mummy I’m sorry! I rub her back and reassure her, she has nothing to say sorry for.

She finally stops and just sits on the sofa in my blankie. Family swiftly leave so she can rest. Once the house is empty she goes up to bed, then I just hear MUMMY!! From our up stairs loo and she is their being sick again. Crying because her belly hurts. Once she has finished she brushes bed teeth and comes downstairs for magic daddy cuddles. Finally ready for sleep we take her up and she drops off to sleep.

Then it's Christmas 🎁 🥳🎅🤶🎄

What a day! My wonderful hubby surprised me with a voucher for a spa day at the venue we had our wedding reception. I was so happy! He also bought me a few other treats too! I got him a bike, with his mum Nicky paying half too. And of course the kids were spoilt too. By lunchtime Christmas Day it looked like a toy shop had exploded. Not to mention the new clothes they got. Christ they have better wardrobe then me and Sam!

The couple days after Christmas we just chilled out as my pain went though the roof! Fellow chronic pain warriors will know what I mean.

So that's us caught up for 2019... Want to see more about what’s going on behind the Scenes, in our life, with

My medical journey and everything us check back soon!

Until next time, stay strong !!

Abbie & Sam 👩‍🦽🦽💜

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