Hello 2020

So, we are now a month in to 2020! Christ, where has that month gone!!!

So, my last blog caught you wonderful people up on my crazy life until the end of 2019.

So, what’s happens in 2020??

We started the year with a good start, Alex is now potty-trained day and night. Sam has caught him tonight getting up and going for a wee! I am so proud of him! Alex still wakes 3-4, times a night if not more. i feel like either me or Sam are constantly out of bed. We have tried all the different types of sleep training. from no eye contact, no speaking putting him back into bed. singing a song. lying with him. you name it, we have probably tried it! so now we judge it on him. if he seems like hes woken from a bad dream or just woken and is still sleepy we just put him back to bed and tuck him in and he goes off fairly quick. but then their are other times when he is wide awake like he has just eaten a whole bag of sugar, we just do what ever we can to get him back to sleep. There have been many a night when he has woken at 3/4am and after a couple hours of trying to get him back to sleep in his bed and failed we end up coming downstairs and putting the tv on low, with no lights on and laying on the sofa with him. Like any parent we just do what we can to get sleep. To try and help him with sleep I made him a colour clock. The clock was in our kitchen when we moved in, it was caked in grease and god knows what else. so after about 10 anti bac wipes and many sprays of zoflora the clock was clean. so we took it apart and got colouring, we made up the sign on my laptop and then when he got home from pre-school we showed him. when he saw he had a clock in his room he was so excited! it seems to have sort of worked but only time will tell.

Our beautiful Bee Bee is doing well at school. But like all the girls around her age I know she has enough attitude to rival a senior school 😂😂 I am dreading her as a teenager! We have introduced a new chart for her. This was her idea, we did a similar thing in the summer holidays for her to earn some pocket money for her to spend on whatever when we went in days out, she asked to stop it a couple weeks into the new school year. Then around Christmas she asked if we could do it again. I was planning on making her one, but we found one that would work well in home bargains for about £2-£3 and it came with a pen and magnetic stars/rewards. We sat down together and discussed her jobs and we made sure there were fair and doable for her. On her chart she has these jobs:

Tidy bedroom – it had to be tidy by the time that Sam and I go to bed.

Bring down wash from her room and bathroom.

Help with clearing the table after a meal or snack.

Morning routine – on school days this is her getting up, eating her breakfast, getting dressed, do teeth etc… she has to do these things with only being asked once. If we have to ask her more then once or more then she doesn’t get the star. I have to say this has really helped with her getting ready for school, especially on the days when I am unwell or if I have an early appointment.

Help with housework – this is just helping us by putting the clean cutlery away, help to tidy the living room or even just helping me with taking things upstairs.

Then the last ‘job’ is helping mummy – this can be little things like grabbing my phone charger from upstairs, getting my lemonade or lime or getting my meds bag out my handbag or off the kitchen side.

With the pocket money we have different stages.

5-10 stars = £1

11-15 stars = £2

16-24 stars = £3

25+ = £5

So far its been either £2 or £3. She has decided that she wants to save up her money. When we asked her what she wanted buy she said ‘I want to go to the shop and get a magazine and also I am happy to buy Alex a magazine with my money too’ this simple line made me so happy, this really is the little girl I have raised. Of course, we won’t let her use her money on that we will step it and pay for Alex. But knowing that she thinks like that is wonderful.

She has a behaviour line on her chart too. For every day we feel she has been well behaved, polite and caring she gets a green star. If she gets 5 green stars, she gets extra 1-on-1 time with me or Sam. This is Bee’s choice. It can be anything from going on a bike ride with Sam, doing a brownie badge, baking or going out to get her nails done (file and polish and only during half terms). Like today for example she had a couple of options on things to do and choose for us all to go for a walk at holly hill, but I will talk about that later.

Brownie badges. So, she also started brownies a couple weeks ago, so with joining brownies came an all-new badge book.

She asked to do one for her 1-on-1 time with me recently. She chose to do the charity badge. I asked her what sort of charity she wants to do. Does she want one that has helped mummy, one that has helped her brother, one for children, etc… the list goes on. After a good hour of discussing what she wanted she chose Portsmouth hospital charity. She wanted this one because they have helped me with all my issues, they have also helped her brother with his issue and she also wanted to do something for a local charity and one that will help children.

So, there are three parts of this badge for us to do at home.

1) Promote. She had to do a poster to promote the charity and what they do. She has to tell at least 10 people. So, we sat with colouring pens and paper and made some posters and shared them on social media.

2) Support. With this section she had to do something to support the charity. This could be collecting donations of things that could help the charity, organise an event to raise funds it was up to her. So again, after about an hour discussion. She wanted to do something that would help adults and children when they are inpatients, when they are attending an appointment as an outpatient or even when they are visiting someone. she chose to do a book drive. Collecting new and used adult and children reading books, new colouring books, pens and pencils and notepads. We sat together on my laptop and created a poster for her to help raise awareness of what she is doing. So far, we have had family and friends dropping books of for her. We have also had some of our wonderful customers, followers and supporters have even bought, donated and posted books, colouring books and little flip books for speech and language support. This is really amazing the support that she has been given. We have also gone though her own books and donated some too.

3) The third section is Thank. She has to do something to thank the charity and the staff who work there. She made them a little card. We sat down together and decided what to write. I wrote it out and then she wrote it into the card. This is the message she wanted.

To Portsmouth Hospital Charity,

I wanted to say thank you for all the wonderful work you do. You have helped my mummy when her body isn’t working, and she has had to visit the hospital. You helped my brother Alex when he has been at all of his appointments and when he was in hospital, having his operation so her could hear. I think that you are all very nice people and I want you to know you are amazing.

Thank you, Rebecca Mihell xx

These were her words, I just helped her when she couldn’t think of the words she wanted.

I am so proud of her for this. Its times like this that I sit back and look at her and I just simply smile. She really is a beautiful, caring, loving, helpful little lady. I know there are times when she drives me made, makes me angry, gives me attitude but I know deep down she is this wonderful little girl who I am so proud of!!

I have spoken about Alex and about Bee. How about me, Sam and what’s new with the business. So, like always Sam, well he’s just Sam. He is the most amazing man, I can honestly day I married my best friend.

As for me, well. The past couple months I noticed that my left hip didn’t feel quiet right. It felt like it was started to head down the horrid road of avascular necrosis. I spoke to my GP and they said to keep an eye on it and if the pain gets worse to make an appointment. Then a couple weeks ago something popped, then grinded then the pain hit me. It comes and go, which is right for stage 2 and early stage 3 AVN. I always have a mild background pain in the hip, but then it hits, and I slowly loose the ability to weight bear and to walk unaided. So called the doctors and unlike 3 years ago when this happened to my right hip, I am actually being believe and not being accused of ‘putting it on’ for stronger pain relief because I am a drug addict. (I am NOT and never have been an addict) As soon as I explained how I felt, they instantly agreed to add in some extra tablets to help and also arranged a face to face appointment with my regular doctor. I also called my orthopaedic surgeon’s booking line and arranged an ‘emergency’ appointment. So now to wait to see him and hopefully book my hip replacement. Just over a week later I had my appointment with my regular doctor they have increased the dosage on my new tablets, arranged the scans of my hip so they are ready to be viewed when I see my surgeon. So, looking like things are going in the right direction.

In the appointment they also bought up my knee, and what happened when I went into hospital just before Christmas. Well it turns out the ward I was on did the discharge papers stating they would be arranging an outpatient ultrasound of my knee and then if need drain my knee of excess fluid. They also sent an electronic note to my GP stating the same thing, but then the referral form for the ultrasound wasn’t even started. Don’t get me wrong I 100% understand that the NHS is stretch to the max, I get that. When I was discharged I called up a week later (like told) to chase up and the nurse I spoke to wasn’t overly helpful, so I went back to the receptionist and secretary to the ward for some answers and again no one to locate anything. So, when I went to this appointment with my GP to discuss my hip and this came up, my GP explained that he was so sorry that this has happened. They have raised an issue form them. They have also advised me to make a formal complaint. I wouldn’t normally complain when it comes to the NHS as I so thankful for it. If we didn’t have the NHS, I wouldn’t be able to afford to live, I also don’t know how we would be able to afford Alex’s issues either. But the GP has requested for her to make a complain so that this doesn’t happened to someone else.

So that’s that. I am now waiting for my scans and appointments to look at my left hip. they are gauging that I am in stage 2, possibly early stage 3 avascular necrosis.

That’s enough about me. Let’s talk business!

So, we have launched a few new products. We have started to slowly bring out some of our self-confidence boosting line. Including our ‘Be Strong, Be Brave, Be You!’ sweatshirts and baseball tee’s. I love these! As cheesy as it sounds when I am wearing either the sweatshirt or baseball tee and I catch a glimpse of it in the mirror it really does put a smile on my face.

We will have more items being added to this line over the coming months.

We also added a new disabled humour top. ‘I don’t look DISABLED, you don’t look STUPID, but hey!’ these are now available for purchase on our shop.

On the topic of our shop we are in the process at the moment to add more of our products to our eBay shop and we are also hoping to launch onto amazon in the next few months!

So, I think we are all caught up for now! Remember if there is ever anything you wonderful readers want to know just hit that contact us button on our website and send us an email. We are happy to help where we can. Until next time!

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