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So today has been eventful and uneventful all at the same time. So take you back to last week first. I had a assessment with my occupational therapist due to my conditions and health getting worse. During that assessment, it was discussed the issues I am having with my jaw, swolloing, meds and eating. My OT said that she felt that I needed to be seen by a speech and language theripest and they called my GP regarding it.

so monday of this week I got a call saying that GP wanted to see me and I was given a appointment for this morning. So Sam and I dropped the kids off to school and pre-school, then headed to my appointment. We discussed what my OT had said and also the issues I have been having. I explained that for about 6 months now I noticed that I have been having more and more difficulty With swallowing. At first it was a annoyance more then anything, but not it’s effecting my food intake and tablets. So they have referred me to ENT to have a camera put down to have a look. They are hoping it’s nothing major and they don’t think it would be anything like cancer but they have to rule the worst out first, before saying it’s my FND symptoms getting worse. So I left that appointment squeezing sams hand that bit tighter. As with my family history cancer isnt just a word, or an illness. it’s been the thing that took two Uncle, and a set of grandparents before I was 19. And they were all under 52 when they died. So it scared me.

yes I have now quit smoking but I have been a a very heavy smoker, after getting involved in the wrong crowd. I have to say that being able to say that I quit smoking and that I did it on my own back, felt amazing! They said I would get a call shortly to arrange a appointment.

so I headed home.

about 2 hours later, just as we were getting ready to head out for lunch I get a call from our local hospital to arrange an appointment. They gave me one to come in for the test on Wednesday. So it’s thankfully not long to wait.

lunch dates - so for a rare treat, the hubby and I went out for lunch. no where fancy, just harvester. But it was lovel. Just us. No kids Menus. No crayons, no spilt drinks (well...). It’s not very often we get to do this. we try to get out for dinner or lunch just us once a month or so. But like most parents this doesn’t always go to plan. Even more so when your disabled with a multitude of health issues, even if it’s planned and your out the door on the way. If we arrive and then i start feeling unwell, tired and whatever we go home. For many like me this is day to day life, so when we do get out for lunch it’s great! Admittedly I started to have issues with my jaw and swallowing issues. So didn’t eat much but it was still nice to get out.

We finished the lunch date with wondering around the trade post, was lovely looking at the little independent shops. Then it was back to reality.

so then I spent the evening in my DIY office (AKA- my bedroom) while the husband watched his shows. I pushed though with making changes to the website and pricing structurers. So that Was my Friday! Not overly interesting, but life of a disabled boss isn’t always exciting. its full of medical appointments, body fails and my family. So if you want to ask anything about my health, about walking with wheels, or anything please don’t hesitate.

Until next time xx


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