Back to school for me !

So, it’s been a while since my last update! The mihell family has been crazy as always! With school, nursery, medical appointments and all that jazz! The kids have been driving me mad! But on a brighter note thanks to the wonderful portage service we have managed to get my son is a bette sleepy routine. He still has the odd night where he wakes up, takes him nappy, plays up and that. But we are getting their.

For me, not much has changed, but for Walking With Wheels a lot has happened! I have said before how I have been accepted and offered a place at the School for social Enterprise. Which of course I accepted. I have had my meet and greet session to get my time take, what’s expected of me and so on. I have also had the official grant offer!! Which is amazing! We are set to receive this next week. So we have been working hard to get everything up to together and plan out what we are going To buy.

First thing on the list is To sort out my disabled persons rail card and to book and pay for all my train fairs to get to and from Winchester for the classes.

The next thing on the list is to get new equipment for us to develop our accessories range. So once that has been ordered and arrived look out for our accessories range which will include the following:

Wheelchair cushion covers Walking stick paddingWheelchair bags Quick release backpacks Medication bags

And much, much more!

We are so excited to be developing this range as it really will make disabled life better, easier and a little bit prettier!

With the new equipment arriving we will need some new fabrics to create this wonderful products!

Remember if their is anything you want or need give us a shout we will do our best to help you out.

So, the next thing on the list to buy is our comfy fit clothing range!

We already have some items available via our eBay shop (this is accessible via the home page).

We have all new condition awareness, walking with wheels branded and disabled humour clothing coming out!

From children’s wear, men’s wear, ladies wear and so much more!

We are working hard at making sure that we offer something for everything including you beautiful curvy women (and men!) just like me. I’m not exactly the smallest of people. I have really piled on the pounds due to my reduced mobility. But to be honest with you, I don’t care! I have been working hard to love my body and to boost my self esteem.

We want you big beautiful people to feel the same way too!

We have a selection of wonderful people who have offered to model our clothing for us! We are so excited to work with these people.

I just can’t wait!

And once all that is bought and paid for, we will be working hard behind the scenes to create our accessible clothing range!

I just want to say a massive thank you to everyone who follows us on social media, joined our mailing list and bought from us. With out you wonderful people we wouldn’t be able to do this!

So that’s all for now! I Can’t wait to going on this adventure with you all!

Remember if you have something your after, want to ask about my condition or anything else please just drop us a line from our contact us page!

Until next time, Abbie @ Walking With Wheels ♿️

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