30th birthdays and mother’s Day 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

Updated: Apr 9, 2019

So today my youngest older brother (He is the middle of three. I am the youngest) turned the big 30!!

So we headed to his for a bbq and family meet up. With our family it isn’t ever a small thing. Always atleast 20 people plus 6+ kids ranging from 6months to 6 years old. So as you can imagine it can get hectic at times. With tantrums and arguments (and that’s just the adults 😂😂) but it’s lovely seeing everyone together. Seeing my two monsters playing and having fun with their cousins.

So the next day it’s Mother’s Day. We usally see my mum at some point but this year for the first year ever I didn’t see my mum. I did get her flowers and a card and gave it too her at the party. But it was still strange. Sam arranged for us to go out for a picnic with his brother (Billy), his partner (Alisha), his mum (Nicky) and her partner (Martin). So we headed to beritun. A little village with a big field and park. I was happy to, but I did say to sam that can he please remember that today wasn’t all about his mum and that I was also a mum. So that morning his mum and that arrived at ours and she said ‘so kids are in my car’ but it was more a statement then a question. So I said no, and that I wanted my children in my car as it was Mother’s Day. Her mouth said yes that’s fine, but her face said something completely different. I could tell instantly that she wasn’t happy that she didn’t have the kids in her car. Anyways, we got into the cars and headed off. When we arrived it was clear that the day was going to revolve around her more then any thing. She was running off with my children, and that got to me. As it’s something I can’t do. I can’t keep up. Rebecca and I headed over to the park and Nicky came over too. When Rebeca was having fun on the equipment, I was trying to encourage her into doing things like the monkey bars independently. But Nicky kept pushing in with her views. To me it felt like she was taking over. I have always thought/known that at times she acts as if Rebecca is her daughter and not her granddaughter. It frustrates me. So I stood my ground. I had fun teaching Rebecca to do the monkey bars, enjoyed doing the seesaw with Alexander. Then the weather turned and it became rather chilly so we agreed to head back to Nicky’s.

When we arrived, Nicky and Alyshia had gone to the shop. To get them selfs drinks and treats, again I wasn’t asked if I wanted to join but hey. Oh well. Then the football was put. I am really not a football fan, so I sat at the table colouring in a unicorn. A fucking unicorn 🦄!! I was pretty much ignored. Then Alex tripped on the stairs and took a hell of a fall. I ran to him as quick as I could, then Nicky like always tried to push her way in. And scooped him up, then Alex start screaming mummy! He wanted me, not her! I have to say that felt good.

But, hey it was as much her day as it was mine so I let everything that annoyed me slide. I just quietly flicked though Facebook. Once the football was over, we headed home and chilled out for the evening. It was nice.

Since we agreed to try and rebuild our relationship with Nicky, their has been things that have got to me, up set me and angered me I am trying to let it slide.

Remember if you ever want to ask questions about my life, the business or anything about my health please feel free to contact us.

Until next time!!

The disabled mama xx


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