Hi, so first of all I just want to say thank-you for checking us out.

Let me tell you a little bit about how Walking With Wheels was

created and a little bit about me. So my name is Abbie, I am co-

founder of walking with wheels. I first had the idea in 2018. After

months of debating it, looking into products that are already on

the market and looking at ways that I could create the products I

decided to take the jump. I was just 24 years old. I am a married

mama of two tiny humans. I have been with my husband Sam

since 2011, and we married in 2016. We had our first child,

Rebecca in 2012 and then we had our Son Alexander in 2016.

I had the idea for walking with wheels as I noticed their were a

few things that I wanted but they either weren’t available or they

didn’t look that great. I am disabled my self and a ‘part time’

wheelchair user at present. I have Fibromyalgia, Function

neurological disorder, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and Avascular

necrosis. I had my first total hip replacement at just 23 years old. 

If you ever want to know more about Me, or about my conditions

Please do not hesitate to contact me via social media or via our

contact us page. I am happy to chat about any of my condition

and raise awareness for invisible disabilities. 

Hi! I'm Sam. I am Abbie's husband and carer. I am also the 

co-founder of Walking With Wheels. It was though watching

 her push though disabled life each and every day that made

me see how these items will really help. We have worked

together on developing prototypes, picking fabrics, looking

at clothing, creating and choosing designs for the clothing

range. It was seeing her face when we have orders come in,

or when we finish perfecting a prototype and joining in with

jumping for joy (Well, more rocking with joy) when a design

comes  to life makes the many hours we put in all worth it.

Not only ave the items we offer make her life better, easier

and prettier but also mine and our children's. Its the little

things  like the cup holders on the longer days out she cant

push her self everywhere due to her Ehlers Danlos I push her

alot of the time.We have a cup holder at the side of her seat

but also at the back on the bar so we both have a cup holder

each. It really has made it easier. Also our children love

seeing mummy's chair with her cushion covers on.

They have both loved helping us pick fabrics. 




The main aim for Walking With Wheels is to make life for people

with disabilities and health conditions and their families Better, Easier and that little bit prettier. All our products are currently made to order. We have recently launched our E Shop on our website so take a look around. If you join our mailing list you will be notified of updates, new products and discount codes. 

If there is a products that you would like to order, but want to know if we can get it in certain prints, colours, sizes and patters please let me know.  We will do our very best to get you the end product that you want. Below is a list of items that we either currently offer or what we will be offering within the next 12-18 months.

  • Cushion covers for wheelchairs.

  • Walking stick padding

  • Crutch handle padding

  • Crutch arm bracket padding

  • Wheelchair friendly bags

  • Quick release Backpack

  • Quick Release side/messenger bag

  • Sectioned Velcro medication/make up bag

  • Sectioned zip medication/make up bag

  • Wheelchair arm pouch

  • Wheelchair ‘secret’ pocket

  • Mobility scooter Seat cover

  • Mobility scooter friendly bag

  • tops and t-shirt  

  • Coats

  • Umbrellas

  • Umbrella holders for wheelchairs

  • Hoodies and zip ups

  • Shorts

  • Leggings

  • Hats and gloves.

  • Blankets

  • Travel/over night bags

And MUCH, MUCH more. Their will be different designs to choose from. Their will be Walking with wheels brand, as well as clothing that brings awareness to conditions.

Equal Opportunities Policy

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